The role of training in Pearcedale Fire Brigade is to further assist our members in particular skills and behaviours.

Once you have joined CFA, you are required to undertake a course called ‘Minimum Skills’. This course is primarily focused on operational firefighters learning the fundamentals of bushfire firefighting techniques, operation of equipment, and safety procedures.


Each week on a Monday night the Brigade ensures our skill levels are maintained by taking part in training. This training is varied and may include skills maintenance, familiarisation of the township, theory based and practical exercises, training with neighboring brigades, team building and training at the Regional training campus at Bangholme – (VEMTC).

There are many different skills you can learn through CFA. The particular ones you learn will be relevant to the role you choose at Pearcedale. They begin with basic firefighting, then leading into the pathway you choose. For example: fire safety awareness, breathing apparatus, endorsed truck license, first aid, leadership training, communications, wildfire behaviour, wildfire suppression, map reading, radio communications and fireground safety and other skills which may be valuable to you.