Brigade Management Team

The Brigade Management Team (BMT) manages the administrative and operational functions of the brigade. Positions are voted upon by the whole brigade every 2 years.

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Alistair Errey

Alistair Errey


I am the current Captain of the Pearcedale Fire Brigade and have been a member here for 16 years. My role is to manage the brigade and oversee the Brigade Management Team and assist them when necessary.

Terry Prentice

Terry Prentice

1st Lieutenant


I’m the 1st Lieutenant at Pearcedale Fire Brigade and my role is to look after the brigade’s operational requirements. This includes pre-planning, strike team lists and more.

I also manage the Fire Equipment Maintenance role of the brigade ensuring that our customers extinguisher servicing requirements are done on time.

I’ve been a firefighter at Pearcedale for 23 years.

Chris Judd

Chris Judd

2nd Lieutenant


I have been a member of the Pearcedale Fire Brigade for 27 Years as a senior member, prior to this I was a junior member of the brigade for approximately 5 years before-hand.

I am the 2nd Lieutenant, the role of my portfolio is to look after the training side of the brigade, and this includes but is not limited to, new members obtaining their minimum skills, skills maintenance of each member- either weekly at brigade level or monthly at group level.

This also involves the planning of pathways for each member by putting them forward on courses to further better themselves.

Matt Daniels

Matt Daniels

3rd Lieutenant


I have been a member of the Pearcedale Fire Brigade for just over 3 years, and a volunteer firefighter with CFA for over 18 years, with time served at other brigades including Carrum, Berwick and Patterson River.

My primary role as 3rd Lieutenant is to manage and assist the brigade’s operational readiness – ensuring that the brigade’s vehicles, equipment, members PPC/PPE and the infrastructure (station) are always prepared and ready when the community and our members need and require it.

Additionally, I also often assist the other officers at times with the delivery of their duties – such as training, community safety activities, etc.

Lachie Gray

Lachie Gray

4th Lieutenant

Community Safety

I have been a member of the Pearcedale Fire Brigade for 4 years as a senior firefighter and was a junior member prior for 5 years.

My role as the 4th Lieutenant is the Community Safety Officer which includes:

  • Be the point of contact point for Regional CFA Community Safety staff.
  • Become familiar with and promote the range of CFA fire safety programs, products and services to the brigade and community.
  • Place a sign outside the station when restrictions come into force or on days of a Total Fire Ban.
  • Ensure all brigade members have completed a Bushfire Survival Plan and/or Home Fire Escape Plan.
  • Liaise with the Brigade Management Team (BMT), BASO or Community Education Coordinator (CEC) to plan for or report on any local community engagement activity (for example: providing fire safety information through letterbox drops or doorknocks to at risk households).
  • Liaise and build partnerships with any local community groups to strengthen the brigade profile in the community.
  • Ensure that brigade members are complying with the Volunteer Code of Conduct and Equal Opportunities Access and Equity Principles when carrying out any community safety tasks, such as those listed above.
Robyn Murphy

Robyn Murphy

Communications Officer

Hi, my name is Robyn Murphy and I have only been a volunteer firefighter for 3 years. I am the brigade “geek” and currently hold the position of Communications Officer. This means I’m responsible for looking after radios, pagers, the website, social media, phones and any computing or Internet issues.

Kevin (Sully) Sullivan

Kevin (Sully) Sullivan


I have been with Pearcedale Fire Brigade for 36 years and have had many roles, including Lieutenant for 22 years, Captain for 10 years and am currently the President.

As President, I preside over meetings to ensure they run in an orderly manner. I am also involved in the organising of major Brigade functions, such as our Annual Dinner. I make myself available to all members for advice and mentoring where required.

Additionally, I am a Deputy Group Officer for the Casey Group of Fire Brigades which involves preparation of crews and teams for long-distance deployments and assisting brigades within the group where required.

Dot Balcke

Dot Balcke


Hi I’m Dot and I joined the Pearcedale Fire Brigade on 30/11/1981. Since then I have participated in most aspects of the brigade, including bush fires, house fires, motor vehicle accidents and some others like a bird rescued from a tree (poor thing had got fishing line wrapped around its leg and a twig and so it was stuck).

I have attended competitions, been a junior leader, a member of the Support Group (auxiliary), assisted both Casey Group of Fire Brigades and Westernport Group as a radio operator, and for the last 19 years I have been the Brigade Secretary.

Tim Ahchow

Tim Ahchow


Hi, I’m Tim Ahchow. I’ve been a member of the CFA for 40 years this year. I transferred to Pearcedale in 1991 making it 26 years here.

I am currently the Brigade Treasurer and I have also held the position of Apparatus Officer from 1992 to 1994 until the position was made redundant.

The job of the Treasurer is to ensure that all moneys made or spent by the Brigade is approved by the Brigade and recorded to meet the requirements of the CFA and government auditors.